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6 Best Swimming Locations for your toddler in Nakuru

Swimming is a lot of fun. It is a form of great all-round exercise for children and stimulates young children as well as adults. Identifying a nice, cool swimming pool to cool off in on hot days can be difficult. These swimming pools in Nakuru are among the best;

Hotel Kunste.

Location: Off Trans-African Highway

What’s Offered: The Kunste resort a luxurious 3-star hotel that is ideal to take your kids. It features a kid and an adult outdoor swimming pool. Kunste Hotel has a kid’s Luna park offering a variety of children entertainment activities; Bouncing castle, motorbike rides, horse riding, wing, and slide.

Phone: 0707179259

Milele Resort Nakuru.

Location: Milimani Estate, Nakuru.

What’s Offered: The Milele resort is a luxury Christian hotel that is found outside the Nakuru CBD. The resort offers an outdoor large swimming pool and a baby pool that has pool toys.

Phone: 0729223364

Swimmers Paradise.

Location: White House lane, Nakuru-Nyahururu highway next to Eastmore school.

What’s Offered: Swimmers paradise is a serene family-friendly swimming location that can accommodate all ages. The swimming pool is equipped with a baby pool, a training pool and a main pool. All the pools are under the supervision of a lifeguard and a swimming coach.

Charges: It offers swimming lessons for 200sh per lesson or 3,000sh for 20 lessons. The swimming charges are 2oosh for below 18 years and 300sh for above 18 years. The paradise has morning aerobics classes.

Phone: 0731587550

Open Hours: 9 am- 5 pmKivu Resort.

Location: Flaming Road, Nakuru.

What’s Offered: Kivu Resort is a home away from Home! The resort is a perfect place to experience the best swimming. The swimming area at Kivu Resort is equipped with:

  • Main pool.
  • Kids’ Pool.
  • Pool/Beach towels.
  • Swimming pool toys.
  • Beach chairs.
  • Personal trainer.

Charges: 300sh per head

Phone: 0202313637

Merica Hotel.

Location: Kenyatta Avenue.

What’s Offered: Merica Hotel is a modern hotel that is found in the heart of Nakuru town. Merica has a large outdoor pool surrounded by a landscaped garden along one side. The pool can accommodate all ages. Merica hotel’s swimming area has a lifeguard and an instructor.

Phone: 0512214232

Bontana Hotel.

Location: Near Nakuru District headquarters.

What’s Offered: Bontana Hotel is an ultra-modern hotel that is situated in the center of Nakuru. The hotel has an atrium solar-heated swimming pool to relax which is very kid-friendly.

Charges: 200sh for kids and 300sh for adults.

Phone: 0725145460


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