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Our Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up on you each year, doesn’t it? And it’s also confusing as to which one is mainly celebrated in Kenya given that there seem to be a few competing global ones out there. And then, once you suddenly realize it’s THIS Sunday (I’m afraid so) you panic about what to do for your mum, your mum-in-law, your wife…and as a new mum, you start wondering what you should be expecting on that day (it’s finally MY day!

1)  Gift of Sleep



Every mum I know is constantly wired and tired – for new mums it’s the late night feedings and for experienced mums, it’s managing life’s logistics (the gas is out again?!) – and the constant energy drain never quite seems to be right sided. Two awesome ideas to help get in more Zzz’s

  •  For a new mum sleep training sessions with an expert to help her learn techniques on getting her baby to sleep longer when the timing is right  – once her precious one is sleeping better, so will she! You can schedule a 15 minutes free consultation with Anisa Samnani, a pediatric sleep training exert
  • For an experienced mum pick from a great selection of errands providers so she can spend less time in traffic and more a’slumbering.


2) Gift of Energy

As someone who was always active, I have had to come to terms with the reality that with a 15-month old (and another on the way!) that there just aren’t enough hours in a week to exercise. But I love sharing new experiences with my daughter and husband – so how awesome would it be to do something both active and a new experience with them? We’ve got a range of cool fitness partners, some who come to you and others who offer fun dance classes. Now, THIS would help me feel better and seems achievable.

queens fitness/weight loss secrets


3) Gift of  Posterity

Even though we live in the time of the photo and video overload, there’s no substitute for professional photographs. Think about all the amazing black and white photos of your mum and grandma in photo studios from days gone by. And your baby studio shots are likely sepia tones (as a kid, I was convinced that the ’70s were just a red era and now I wonder if sepia’s been blue all along). Instead of only taking photos at specific occasions, why not treat her to a photo shoot just for the sake of posterity? We have an amazing range of (I’ve personally worked with some of them) Photographers experienced in bringing out the best of mothers and children.



4) Gift of Good Grub

This is quite simple. Good grub goes a long way to a mother’s heart. Take the meal planning responsibilities off of her for a week – explore our Food section for ideas on dining out, eating in or even considering one Lynk’s Chefs to go gourmet in your kitchen.




5) Gift of Pampering

A trusted oldie but goodie is a delightful world of spa treatments. You can never go wrong with gifting her a few hours of pampering. And mums who may be exclusively breastfeeding or just can’t leave the house, we also have at-home-spa services on our roster of Pretty Awesome Spas.

Massage, Ayush holistic center



You’ll notice flowers didn’t make it into my list. That’s because we should be getting them every Sunday, shouldn’t we? Happy gifting!