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5 Health and Wellness Products for Under Sh600

Our homes are an expression of our personalities and most times no two homes look alike. However, there are a few things every home should have.




These are items that can keep you and everyone in your home in good health at affordable prices that don’t fluctuate. MYDawa offers this, so we have put together a list of 5 health and wellness products to start with, all under Sh600. What a bargain!



Flents Fever Reader


Every parent can attest that there is nothing as scary as a sick child with a fever. That’s why we recommend every home should have a fever reader. With the Flents one you get:

  • Quick reading – determines temperature in seconds.
  • Reusable strips – temperature strips are reusable.
  • Simple to use – simply put fever reader on the forehead and it quickly reads temperature.
  • Celcius & Fahrenheit – fever reader measures temperature in both celsius and farenheit.
  • An easy way to measure temperature. Perfect for children.




Ezydose EPill Box


Are you on the pill? Or have to take constant medication daily? This Epill Box Is perfect for you. Why do we think so?

  • Large capacity – each compartment can hold about 50 tablets.
  • Transparent lids – keep medication visible and help prevent missed doses.
  • Clearly labeled compartments – planner has easy-open lids, marked with each day of the week.
  • Built to last – Ezydose planners have a high-quality design that is made for repeated use.
  • Perfect for tracking your medication through the week.






Did you know on average, worms affect more than a billion people worldwide? This is because they are found everywhere and easily contaminate different areas. Doctors recommend that from the age of two children and adults should be dewormed once every 6 months.



Deep Freeze Cold Patch


Unless you live in a bubble, aches and pains are a part of our lives, e.g. stabbing your toe on the edge of a seat, spraining your ankle or for mums, the classic mum’s wrist, caused by chronic stress on the wrist from lifting a baby can cause inflammation of the tendons.

The freeze patch or the gel have a fast acting cooling relief from sprains, strains, minor sports injuries, tense, tired or sore muscles and joints. Can also be used for the pain associated with arthritis and during pregnancy for muscular back pain.



Sterilizing Tablets


Your baby is most prone to illness in the first year of life. If the baby stuff like bottles aren’t sterilised, viruses, bacteria, and parasites can gather and make your baby ill.  According to BabyCenter, your baby could develop anything from mild thrush to a more serious bout of vomiting and diarrhoea.

Since it’s not possible or practical to create a totally germ-free environment for your baby, sterilising your baby’s feeding equipment can help to keep him healthy.




Why we recommend the tabs?

  • Sterilises in only 15 minutes
  • Kill 99.9% of germs
  • Ideal for travel
  • No need to rinse
  • Solution works for 24 hours

They can be used to sterilise all breastfeeding equipment and baby feeding accessories: breast pump parts, baby bottles, soothers, teething rings, small plastic toys, plastic cutlery, and weaning bowls.


NB- if unsure about any of the products kindly consult with your health provider before use.


Anything else you think we should add to this list? Let us know. For more affordable products check out MYDAWA.