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4 Secrets to Redecorate your Home

Clutter is not something we collect on purpose. It is made up of items we put away knowing that we will require them one day in the future.

These items graduate to clutter when that day in the future never comes. Look around your house, you will find that there are things you have stored hoping to use one day, but have never gotten round to using.

Getting rid of clutter is not an easy thing to do especially for those who are sentimental and those who just know that this thing will come in handy one day. Clearing out the clutter is not a task that should be undertaken in one day. Mark a day for each room and arm yourself with a garbage bag to toss out what you don’t need and some nice storage boxes for what you will keep. Please note, this is not an exercise in tidying up, the stuff that you do not use has to go!

1. The Living Room

Ideally, the living room should have your furniture and a few magazines or newspapers lying around, but it is common to find piles of old newspapers, toys (some broken), boxes that have never been opened, a car spare part lying around the room or close to the door. The living room is a space where the family and guests can sit together and enjoy each others company. If you have not used it or have been dusting around it for more than six months, or your children have been trying to turn it into a toy, you probably don’t need it.



2. Your Wardrobes

This one is simple but a lot harder. Taking out clothes that you love but do not wear, that the children look so cute in, or have worn out is not easy. Any clothing that has not been worn or used over the past six months should be given away or sold. If it has been worn for over a year, is very baggy, has holes in it and is classified as very comfortable, it should be thrown out. Those branded t-shirts and baggy track suit bottoms should be burnt! Ask your husband, I am sure he will agree!


3. The Bedrooms

These are the rooms that only the family members and close friends get to see. There is a tendency to keep boxes and suitcases of things we do not need under our beds. True sometimes we do not have enough space, but over time anything and everything gets tossed under the bed. If you must keep these things, get a pretty storage box for them, and try not to be too sentimental. The contacts in your planner from 2006 have probably changed phones five times and if you don’t have their current contacts, you probably don’t need to reach them that much.

Blue baby room


4. The Kitchen

The kitchen is another room that tends to get cluttered very easily. That pan without a handle that you really like and plan to fix? The spices sitting at the back of the cupboard that you never use? Throw them away as spices lose their taste when kept for too long. Search for pretty containers for your spices, tea, coffee, biscuits, pasta. Also, throw away that raggedy piece of cloth you call the sponge and get a new one. That container with little pieces of left over soap? Out!

There are numerous options for storage containers in the supermarkets. Please steer clear of the branded cardboard boxes and look out for pretty colours and items that will brighten up your home. Also, the warm weather is here, where possible, open your windows and let the wind blow into your house.

There is no better air freshener than fresh air.

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