20 Bakeries and Cake Suppliers to Add to your Planning List in 2019

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20 Bakeries and Cake Suppliers to Add to your Planning List in 2019

Planning celebrations and festivities can be a headache especially when you don’t know whom to call in terms of suppliers. These bakeries are ready to make your event a success with their delicious treats that will wow your guests away.

1. CakeKraft Customised Cakes and Cupcakes

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CakeKraft promises the craft your dreams, celebrations & fantasies on their signature cakes and cupcakes! Have a theme for next Christmas or birthday party? Leave it to CakeKraft.

Visit their Facebook Page: @CakeKraft

To Order: Call 0788 485607

2.Frenchmaid Bakeries

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Listen, these chocolate filled dough-nuts from this bakery are amazing and to die for. You have got to try them.  In addition to doughnuts, they have cookies, pies, pastries,sandwiches and sprinkle cupcakes. Moreover they also cater to your birthday needs with their birthday bonanza and awesome cakes. This is one bakery MumsVillage has tried and can vouch for.

Visit on Instagram: @frenchmaidbakery

Order: 0723826120


3. Sugarpie Bakery, Nairobi

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Visit Sugarpie bakery for your cake pops, cookies, cupcakes, cakes and all round yumminess.

Visit on Instagram: @sugarpiebakerynairobi

To Order:  Call 0718130614


4. Tunu Bakeries

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Tunu Bakeries

Tunu bakeries does wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cookies and pastries using fore ingredients. What’s more, they have a lovely packaging for their cupcakes.

Website: www.tunubakeries.com

Phone Number: 0731489687

Visit their Instagram: @tunubakeries


5. Dr Chef’s Bakeries

Dr Chef’s Bakeries

If you have ever ordered your cake and the finishing was not what you bargained for, be at ease. The finishing on these cakes are so good.

Visit them today on Instagram; @drchef_kenya


6. ArtCaffe Kenya

There’s nothing great than catching up over tea and coffee with some delicious treats. Art Caffe Kenya makes great pastries to go with your meetings, brunch and larger cakes for events.

Visit their Instagram: @artcaffekenya

Website: www.artcaffe.co.ke


7. Baked With love by Me


These home made, beautiful, scrumptious cakes drizzled in chocolates are a must try.

Visit their Instagram:  @bakedwithlovebyme


8. Jojo Cake house


Bake it happen with Jojo cake house for your next birthday cake, birthday gift, or celebration cake. You will love their amazing choices of colours.

Visit their Instagram: @jojocakes20

To Order: 0735568919


9. Minnie’s Bakery

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They make delicious cupcakes and custom made cakes for any occasion. Moreover, they make free deliveries within CBD.

To Order: 0731204350

Visit their Facebook Page: @celebratespecialmoments


10. Hope Cakes

Hope cakes bakery makes delicious custom made birthday and wedding cakes such as this one;

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Visit them on Facebook: @hopecakeskenya

Website: www.hopecakes.co.ke

To Order:  +254725384093


11. Kilimani Bakeries Limited

Kilimani bakery makes yummy slices from heaven and custom made cakes for any occasion.

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Visit their Facebook page: @KilimaniBakeries

To order: Call 0722 761231


12. Cookies n Cream

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If purple is your favourite colour, then you’ll definitely love this bakery. They have cakes that are custom made and themed for wedding, christening, birthday and anniversary events. You are also likely to find cupcakes and cookies in this bakery.

Visit their Facebook: @CookiesnCreamKenya

To Order: Call 0791028140


13. Tiramisu Bakery Kenya

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Perfect for your breakfast, brunch, sandwiches, parties, birthdays, outdoors and parties, they open from 7 am to 8 pm.

Visit their Facebook page: @tiramisubakerykenya

To Order: Call 0702 993254


14. Homemade by Mumbi

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We all love some homemade goodies, made with love and perfect tenderness are these treats from Homemade by Mumbi goodies.

Visit on Facebook: @homemadebymumbi

To Order: @homemadebymumbi


15. Cinnamon Twirls Bakeries

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Located in Imara Daima, Cinnamon Twirls Bakeries has custom made cakes so be sure to get one for the holidays.

Visit them on Facebook: @cinnamontwirlsbakeries

To Order: 0722 726833


16. Js Baking House

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J’s Baking House provides cakes and other pastries for all occasions, i.e: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers.

Visit them on Facebook: @jds.bakinghouse

To Order: Call 0703 473678


17. Evory Cupcakes Bakery

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Evory Cupcake bakery as the name suggests, sells cupcakes only with the minimum order being half a dozen (6).

Visit them on Facebook: @evorycupcakesbakery

To Order: Call 0721 605489


18. Cake City

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Cake City Bakery custom makes cakes to suit your home and office needs. If you have a theme in mind, you might as well contact them.

Visit their Facebook Page: @cakecitykenya

To Order: +254709729000


19. Halal Nairobi

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There’s nothing awesome like eating with the knowledge that your food was made according to your specifications or with your interest and concerns in mind. That’s why Halal Nairobi is here to make sure your cookies, dough nuts and pastries are as you want them; halal.

Visit their Facebook Page: @halalnairobi

To Order: Call 0753798176


20. Strawberry Creme

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Strawberry Crème is the crème de la crème in all matters events. They provide you with everything including cakes, meals, pastries, entertainment, decor, tents, chairs and so much more at very competitive prices and A1 quality.

Visit their Facebook Page: strawberrycremenairobi

To Order: Call 0710 987654


Go ye and celebrate!


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