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10 Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Stress-Free Dinner Party

Remember when you were a kid your mother always used to hustle you whenever guests would come over? You were told to clean your room even if the guests won’t see it. There were special plates for guests that you couldn’t dare touch. Mostly, you had to serve lunch last after all the guests even if they decided to eat at 4pm. Now as adults, we can only look back and laugh. We sort of understand the fuss that comes with hosting guests, it can be hectic, especially with kids running around.

Well, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and with Christmas right around the corner, we will share a few tips and tricks to host a great dinner/lunch sweat free!

1. Recipe

If you’re cooking a meal whose recipe isn’t at the top of your head, simply print it out or write it out. Thereafter tape to your fridge or cabinet, an area with quick and easy access.


2. Meal Prep

Do all your meal prep that’s possible the day before such as chopping vegetables and mixing dough. This will save so much time when it comes to cooking.


3. Food hacks

If you’re cooking for a huge group you need all the time saving hacks that Pinterest can afford you. We’ll save you the browsing time and list them here:

  • No need to peel potatoes if you’re going to boil them , boil them whole then when done, put in cold water and the skin should rub off pretty easily.
  • Rub Canola/Olive oil on your knife when cutting onions to keep your eyes from tearing up
  • Put a damp towel  under your chopping board to keep it from slipping.
  • To separate a whole garlic bulb place it in a jar and cover it then shake like crazy.
  • Add baking soda to your mashed potatoes to make them fluffier .


4. Cooking

When it comes to cooking it is important to ensure  you use a reliable cooker that is also conducive for your health. Poor stove/cooker options can be costly and most households spend up to 30% of their income on buying gas. In some cases, poor and unsafe cooking cause acute Respiratory Illnesses (ARIs) that has been attributed to 40% of childhood deaths. However, by making smart choices on using eco-friendly cooking devices you will not only be spending less but you will be taking care of your family. Learn all about these at Upishi Digi.



5. Starters

As is typical of Kenyans, punctuality isn’t a popular character. Therefore, expect some of your guests to be late and to keep your punctual guests from going to hungry  lay out some starters. It could be as simple as potato chips, or fruit slices.


6. Dishes

Is there anything more intimidating and disheartening like a pile of dishes? To prevent a huge pile up, wash dishes as you go even if its one bowl at a go. As you wait for potatoes to boil or onions to cook wash a cup. Gradually, the mountain will become less intimidating.


7. Entertainment

To keep your guests entertained once they arrive, put on some low volume music and maybe set out a game they can play before dinner is served. Appoint a guest to be Chief Entertainer to prevent anyone from getting bored especially if your guests are from different circles of friends.


special bond family games


8. Play Centre

If your guests are bringing children set up a room as a play centre. Put a few toys there or set up a movie for them. This will prevent the havoc that can come with having 5 kids running up and down the house as well as keep your vintage vase in tact.


9. Guests

Make sure tell your guests about your dinner party at least 2 weeks ahead of time. This will allow them enough time to RSVP and you will have a number of guests to budget for. Either way, expect a few people to show up unannounced, so be prepared.



10. Boundaries

It can feel a little confrontational to tell your guests your boundaries but lay it down gently. Ask them to kindly take off their shoes, if you’d like them to. Keep the doors to the rooms you don’t want kids wandering into, shut or locked.


Most of all, remember to have a great time. Don’t stress, you’re guests are probably having more fun than you think they are.


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