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10 Timeless Movies to watch with your Kids

There’s something about sharing a movie you loved as a child with your family now. Aside from the nostalgia you feel when watching these classics, there’s something really cool about seeing them in a new light through your kid’s eyes.

With so many movies at our fingertips thanks to TV and streaming services like Netflix, the list is endless when it comes to something both parents and their kids can enjoy together. Here are a few suggestions on the classic movies you can enjoy with your whole family.

  • movies
    2. Free Willy
  • movies
    3. Home Alone
  • movies
    4. Mrs Doubtfire
  • movies
    6. The Little Rascals
  • movies
    7. The 101 Dalmatians
  • movies
    8. Matilda

Happy Family Movie Night!

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  1. michelle says:

    No.’s 3 to 6 were definitely my favourite movies growing up. I’ve even watched Home Alone in the last 2 months 🙂

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