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10 Gifts Men Give us and what they Really Mean

This festive season making time to select special tokens of your affection for your loved one is ideal for any healthy relationship. One way to touch your partner’s heart is to offer the right kind of gifts.

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Gift giving may be a game changer to get your rose closer to you. However, majority of couples consider financial roadblocks as key inhibitors to achieve their gift-giving aspirations.

Here are some of my recommendations of gift ideas for the holiday:

1. A Pet 

Hearts beat fast with colours and promises but letting your spouse have a pet will get to show her that you loved her for a thousand years and a thousand more. She might get to have you all over her mind when she is around her new friend and your old time friend.

2. Wine

 If your partner loves having wine with meals then think of a way to make her remember the taste of your love. Always be cautious when presenting this gift as not everyone may be able to consume alcoholic beverages. This might be a way to reminisce touching moments you’ve shared and breakthrough memories.


3. A Coffee Maker

For a lady who enjoys coffee and always has it in her hand, then a coffee maker will be an ideal gift to cheer her up or revolutionize how she enjoys coffee. Get one from Rupu at a great price.



4. A Promise

That one thing that she’s been going on about? Now would be a good time to commit to doing it. It could be calling her parents weekly, taking her nephews out for a movie or simply a massage session for the two of you. No matter how outrageous the idea, just indulge her. She is the apple of your heart after all!




5. Flowers

Many people view gifting to have a high price tag but flowers are affordable and they make the recipient feel appreciated.


6. Fitness Trackers

If your partner is really into fitness then that may be a secret to love. It will be nice to motivate and inspire her passionate endeavor and let her achieve her fitness goals.

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7. Jewellery

One of the most daring things in a relationship is to get yourself out off the friend zone. Make your relationship clearly seen let her dive in an d down to your quest for love with an emolument of jewellery. Try Unique Beauty for a range of feminine jewellery. This will ensure you stay out of the dog house.


8. Perfume

This is a gift for a lady who’s got a specific appreciation for floral things. The fragrance from cologne is one that will remind her of warmer days.



9. Twin Tattoos

Making a promise that it’s ”you” against the world can be in-scripted from a virtual world to a more artistic form. Just think about it.


10. Spa Date

Why not relax together at a spa session? Ease the tension out of your muscles with a hot stone massage and as a plus, order a body wrap for her. She will have beautiful glowing skin afterwards and a light mood to match!


Gift giving should be done with some caution. Try and get to know your partner well to ensure that your gift is appropriate for her and let it have an element of surprise. Make it a day dream dressed like a nightmare if it’s ideally not directly imposed to a romantic persuasion.


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