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10 Epic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single Women

It is that time of the year again, when everyone is talking about love (the mushy, hearty, romantic kind) When every place is blooming with roses and red décor (who came up with this in the first place?!). When every conversation is about that special someone (cliché). When every ad is about a candy box or jewelry set (do men like these things too?) Yes! It is Valentine’s!


Of course, this can be a disheartening time for some of us single women! Not only because we aren’t dating, but also because we have to explain ourselves to others about why we aren’t dating and what we will be getting up to during that time. So, whether you have been single for a long time,  just got out of a relationship, or if you’ve just never had a serious relationship that carried over to the anticipated February 14th milestone. Here are some tips to having a truly enviable yet fun Valentine’s Day this 2021.


1.Plan a day/ evening out with 3- 4 of your other single friends and make it a fun time out. Try a paint-balling afternoon, a day zip-lining at ‘The Forest’, or a day in the Nairobi National Park. You’ll be surprised by how much fun being single can be.


2. Have you ever heard the saying, “Baking is a sign of love?” Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bake something special with your friends or for your kids! How about baking themed cupcakes? They’re quick and easy! Get creative and have fun with it,


3. Watch a scary movie with other single buddies – ask a friend for a projector and have a horror or chic flick movie marathon with lots of popcorn, wine and pizza. This is nice because it is usually completely unromantic and off-the traditional sentimental theme. Some recommendations are: The Roommate, Girls Trip, Jennifer’s Body, Paranormal Activity & The Grudge. (This is my personal favourite recommendation)


4. Since Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about love, spend the day loving yourself! PAMPER yourself! There is nothing more satisfying than spending your hard-earned money on yourself, so be sure to do whatever your heart mostly desires. A spa day, a day at the beach, a day of deep chilling, or even just sleeping — follow your heart by doing whatever YOU feel like doing.


5. Send personal notes to everyone who means a lot to you. Make them fun, appreciative, and personalized. Reach out to your family and friends with personalized missives of love. Who needs one valentine when you can have 10 or 20?


6. Volunteer and send some love to someone’s way – Dedicate a few hours to volunteer at a hospital, a children’s home or the animal orphanage. Use your energy and resources on behalf of people who need your help. It’ll actually take your mind off any undue mawkishness, and you’ll walk away with a boost of self-esteem, high spirit, and empathy.



7. Fall in love with something new – As cliché as this may sound, it really is the best time for you to find new interests! Be it Bikram yoga? Kickboxing? Bead-making? Tennis? Challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before or seldom get to do because of your tight schedule.


8. A spiritual growth time – You never have anything to lose when you take some time to find yourself spiritually. You could take time to meditate,  attend a workshop or even go to church with close family and friends? You’ll feel better about yourself and you won’t have any reason to pity yourself.


9. Host an anti-valentines party – No flowers, no cards, no candy, no red dresses! Just good food, drinks, good friends, and a heap load of games! 


10. Take yourself out on a date – Come on! You are young, free, fun, and gorgeous! Whether you’re flying solo or just not with your mpenzi for the big day, you can still have a blast, alone. Claim your Valentine’s Day! 

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