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Cholera 101: What You Need To Know

MumsVillage Team | Jul 17 2017

In the last two weeks, a number of Cholera cases have been reported in the country. Here is what you need to know to keep your family safe from it.

10 Office Workouts You Can Do To Boost Your Productivity

Positive HealthWellness | Jul 12 2017

Being productive is about working smarter. You don’t necessarily need to work more hours, but more efficiently when you are…

Dear Parents; These are The Two Viruses Your Child Could Get this Cold Season

MumsVillage Team | Jun 28 2017

July is upon us and with it comes two viruses that every parent should be wary of; Influenza and Rotavirus. According to CDC, here’s what you need to know.

Pre-Natal Yoga Is Great for Mum’s Mental and Emotional Health

MumsVillage Team | Jun 21 2017

Today is the International Yoga Day. This year’s theme is Yoga Health.For pregnant women, Pre-natal Yoga is great for both mental and physical health.

Dear Dad, Go For A Checkup This Father’s Day

Valentine Njoroge | Jun 15 2017

This Week on Ask Valentine we are talking about the importance of a regular medical checkup for men. It could be the one thing you do this Father’s Day.

5 Health and Wellness Products for Under Sh600

MumsVillage Team | Jun 07 2017

As consumers we are all about affordable products. MYDawa offers this, so we have put together a list of 5 health and wellness you need, all under Sh600.

Estate Planning: Protect the ones you love

Uwakili | May 03 2017

Estate planning is the process by which a person makes an arrangement of how transfer of assets will be done…

Click Here for a Chance to Win with MumsVillage

MumsVillage Team | Apr 24 2017

Dear Reader, It’s been a while since we started chatting, well we have been doing most of the talking. How…

Vaginal discharge: What’s abnormal?

MyGyno | Apr 21 2017

Vaginal discharge causes undue concern in many women and their partners. It’s important to know what’s abnormal and how to prevent or treat it.

8 Ways to Beat the Post Long Weekend Blues

Lilian Gaitho | Apr 18 2017

Are you having difficulty getting back to your normal day-today routine? Here are great tips to help you ease out of your post long weekend blues.

Teens and their Greens -Spendthrift or Super saver?

MumsVillage Team | Apr 06 2017

Is your teen always asking for money to buy one thing or another? Get your teen to understand the value of money and cultivating a saving culture.

8 Coping Strategies for Mums with ADHD

Tina Masai | Mar 31 2017

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed as a Mother? Perhaps you may have symptoms of ADD. Tina Masai gives practical coping strategies.