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Love & Relationships

In Search Of What Sets My Heart On Fire

Cynthia Waka | Jun 22 2017

I resigned from my job. Crazy move. But I genuinely feel like it was the right move. I had the…

Ask Valentine: Please Help; Our Sex Life Is Dead!

Valentine Njoroge | Jun 08 2017

Sadly you can’t go through life without hurt. Rahel is feeling trapped in a sexless marriage. Ask Valentine has some sound advice for her.

Ask Valentine: The G-Spot Dilemma

Valentine Njoroge | May 26 2017

I get this question a lot, is the female g-spot real? You Bet! There is an assumption that because you…

Mother’s Day Tribute: Michelle Slater- Mum I Love You

MumsVillage Team | May 13 2017

EatOut’s General Manager Michelle Slater gives her Mother’s Day Tribute. She shares with us why she is truly grateful for her mum this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Tribute: Janet Mbugua- My Mum taught me to Stay Humble and Focused.

MumsVillage Team | May 12 2017

Mother’s Day Tribute: “I have always had a good relationship with my mum, probably not as great as it has become since I became a mum.” Janet Mbugua.

Mother’s Day Tribute: Bernice Gathoni- My Mum is my Biggest Champion

May 11 2017

Annually, 1.6 million women in Kenya deliver babies, some are living with disabilities. We celebrate them with this mother’s day tribute by Bernice Gathoni.

Mother’s Day Tribute: Chemutai Sage- My Mum Supported me Through Postpartum Depression

MumsVillage Team | May 11 2017

In our continued series in our build up to Mother’s Day and the launch of our MumsVillage Show singer Chemutai Sage Kenya shares experience with PPD.

Mother’s Day Tribute: Isis Nyong’o- I am so thankful for my mum

MumsVillage Team | May 09 2017

Mother’s Day is in the air! We’re excited for the launch of this new online show, that is premiering this…

6 Mother’s Day Gifts for every Type of Mum

Sharon Mutua | May 08 2017

Looking for a great gift for your mum? Here are our top 6 mother’s day gift ideas for every mum according to their interests and passions.

Things That Kenyan Men Need But Never Ask For

Dayan Masinde | Mar 22 2017

Sometimes we forget about men. No matter how tough a face a man wears, he also needs love and support from a woman. Find out how from Dayan Masinde.

Vaginal dryness is a reality of many women

Valentine Njoroge | Mar 03 2017

This week I answered a question about vaginal dryness in one of my Ask Valentine videos, but I was not able to…

It’s not every day you meet a 40-year-old virgin man

Valentine Njoroge | Feb 24 2017

So this week I answered an email from a woman who is concerned for her male friend who is 40…