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13 Family Friendly Camping Sites in Kenya

MumsVillage Team | Jul 07 2017

Whether you like to pitch your own tent or sleep in an air-conditioned cabin, Here are 13 family friendly camping sites to get that adventurous experience.

20 Must-See Places to take your Kids in Nairobi

MumsVillage Team | May 31 2017

Looking for a great weekend destination for you and your family? Here is a great range of places you can visit in Nairobi with children.

Promise yourself Tomorrow will be Different

Wayua Mutisya | Apr 21 2017

How can you protect your most precious assets? Here is how a mother had to learn it the hard way.

How to Party at the Kenya Coast on a Budget

SLEEPOUT KENYA | Apr 13 2017

Headed to the Coast these holidays? You don’t have to pay a King’s Ransom to vacation there with your family.

Reasons why Diani is a go-to place for tourists

SLEEPOUT KENYA | Mar 30 2017

Diani is turning into the haven for tourists, both domestic and international, due to the various attraction sites, accommodations and…

The 12 Travellers You’ll Meet on Your Next Trip

Brenda Okoth | Mar 24 2017

Traveller and explorer Ibn Battuta was not wrong when he said, “Travelling—it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.”

Cheat Sheet to Single Parenting

Sharon Mutua | Mar 21 2017

Single Parenting is like working two full time jobs. Here how this mum finds a way to spend quality time with her kids over and above her tight schedule.

It’s Official, Your baby and Germs are in a Relationship

MumsVillage Team | Dec 30 2016

Like air, germs are everywhere. Findings show that on average you come in contact with about 60,000 types of germs on a daily basis. Your toddler is even more of a germ magnet.

Tembea Kenya : No Place like Home for the Holidays

Isis Nyongo | Dec 21 2016

Are you a Former Summer Bunny turned Summer Mummy? Wondering what to do when you come back home?

10 Must-Have Items for a Family Road Trip

Yvonne Maina | Dec 16 2016

Load up the car, fill the tank and hit the road and make sure you have stocked up for that spectacular family road trip that you’ve always dreamed of.

What does the Life of a Travelling Single Mum Look Like?

Jemimah Njuki | Dec 14 2016

A single mum shares how she balances work and travel with raising her daughters.

Enjoy the Love at The Fort, Shela Village

SLEEPOUT KENYA | Nov 30 2016

Looking for a weekend getaway. Enjoy a visit to this magnificent hotel in Lamu with your loved ones this coming Easter Holiday.