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The Mummy Manifesto Every Mother Should Read

MumsVillage Team | Jul 21 2017

Not sure whether what you are about to say to a mum/parent is acceptable. Maybe this Mummy Manifesto, adapted from…

6 Educational TV Shows That Would Be Great For Your Toddler

MumsVillage Team | Jul 13 2017

Dear parents, even though TV is a great way to keep your child occupied, it’s important to note that it’s…

Amazing Deals! With 50% off Products as Jumia turns 5

MumsVillage Team | Jul 03 2017

Jumia is turning 5 this year, to celebrate this milestone, they are having amazing deals this whole week. We bring…

New Mum Alert! This Is Ess…Welcomes Baby Girl.

Yvonne Kanyi | Jun 29 2017

Sharon Mundia a.k.a This Is Ess is no stranger to the entertainment and fashion scene. However she is the latest celebrity mum on the scene. Congratulations

When Brand Mum Spoke, We Knew to Listen!

Felly Oyuga | Jun 21 2017

I am convinced my Mum was a branding expert. Why do I say this? According to Jerry Mclaughlin’s article, “Branding…

History of Father’s Day and 8 Kenyan Dads You’ll Meet

MumsVillage Team | Jun 14 2017

Do you know about the origins of Father’s Day?     According to History.Com, the campaign to celebrate fathers was…

Dear Child, There Is A Method To My Madness

Felly Oyuga | Jun 13 2017

“There is a method to the madness!” This phrase comes from Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’. It means that although someone seems…

7 Great Family Photographers in Nairobi

Millicent Muigai | Jun 02 2017

If you are planing to get the family together, make the memories count this holiday season. Engage these insanely talented photographers for a fun photo session.

Parenting 101 : I am in Trouble with my Caretaker

MumsVillage Team | May 30 2017

Have you ever had an altercation with a caretaker? Here is a mum’s story on how she encouraged messy play against all odds.

Africa Day: African Parents in A Meme

MumsVillage Team | May 26 2017

May 25 marked the 54th annual Africa Day. It was first held in 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia when 32…

MumsVillage Show Premiere A Roaring Success!

Brenda Okoth | May 15 2017

After months of rigorous planning, The MumsVillage Show premiere on May 13 was a roaring success. The Weekly Show seeks…

Mother’s Day Humour : 12 Things our Mothers Taught Us

MumsVillage Team | May 12 2017

Here are a few lessons our mothers taught us growing up. Many Africans would relate to the humour as we gear up to mother’s day.