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When Brand Mum Spoke, We Knew to Listen!

Felly Oyuga | Jun 21 2017

I am convinced my Mum was a branding expert. Why do I say this? According to Jerry Mclaughlin’s article, “Branding…

History of Father’s Day and 8 Kenyan Dads You’ll Meet

MumsVillage Team | Jun 14 2017

Do you know about the origins of Father’s Day?     According to History.Com, the campaign to celebrate fathers was…

Dear Child, There Is A Method To My Madness

Felly Oyuga | Jun 13 2017

“There is a method to the madness!” This phrase comes from Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’. It means that although someone seems…

7 Great Family Photographers in Nairobi

Millicent Muigai | Jun 02 2017

If you are planing to get the family together, make the memories count this holiday season. Engage these insanely talented photographers for a fun photo session.

Parenting 101 : I am in Trouble with my Caretaker

MumsVillage Team | May 30 2017

Have you ever had an altercation with a caretaker? Here is a mum’s story on how she encouraged messy play against all odds.

Africa Day: African Parents in A Meme

MumsVillage Team | May 26 2017

May 25 marked the 54th annual Africa Day. It was first held in 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia when 32…

MumsVillage Show Premiere A Roaring Success!

Brenda Okoth | May 15 2017

After months of rigorous planning, The MumsVillage Show premiere on May 13 was a roaring success. The Weekly Show seeks…

Mother’s Day Humour : 12 Things our Mothers Taught Us

MumsVillage Team | May 12 2017

Here are a few lessons our mothers taught us growing up. Many Africans would relate to the humour as we gear up to mother’s day.

6 Bouncing Castle Providers in Kenya

MumsVillage Team | May 11 2017

Need ideas for an upcoming children’s party? We have put together a list of bouncing castle providers for your enjoyment.

5 Reasons We Love Chef Ali Mandhry

MumsVillage Team | May 04 2017

Chef Ali Said Mandhry also known as Chef Ali L’artiste is a Celebrity Chef, TV/Radio personality and Actor. Born in…

Before You get a Henna Tattoo, You Need to Read This!

Brenda Okoth | Apr 15 2017

Thinking of getting you or your child a temporary henna tattoo? Before you do. Read this and understand the dangers that might be involved.

Food Hacks to Save Time and Money

MumsVillage Team | Apr 06 2017

Do you have problems keeping your fruit and vegetables fresh? Try these food hacks and save yourself both time and…