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We are Hiring! MBA Summer Internship 2018

Location: Nairobi, Kenya.



MumsVillage is a vibrant online destination dedicated to enriching lives of mums and mums-to-be across Africa. It empowers African women to make informed choices for the health and well-being of their families through access to locally relevant content and resources. Since launching in 2015, M​ums​Villag​e ​has reached over 300,000 mums ​ through high quality content (including video and engaged WhatsApp communities).



Accessing locally relevant child and maternal health information is a major problem for African women. The Internet has the power to change this. Over 100 million mothers in Africa are picking up their smartphones to learn about pregnancy and childbirth. However, in Kenya alone, the millions of monthly online searches for ‘pregnancy’ or ‘baby’ result in virtually no articles or video content created locally. Most of what African women are consuming today online is tailored to Western audiences whose healthcare realities, educational systems and everyday challenges differ vastly



MumsVillage is growing at a rapid clip and looking for support to:

  1. Growth hack the current business model that is centered on content creation and distribution with paid ads as the primary revenue stream

  2. Build out new business model development.



  • Apply classroom concepts in real time in the real world

  • Gain valuable experience in an emerging market context

  • Supporting locally based entrepreneurs to make a meaningful difference to their businesses

  • Gain exposure to leaders in the exciting media, technology and retail space in Africa.


For further details, please contact hello@mumsvillage.com



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