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We are Hiring! Social Media Specialist


MumsVillage is a vibrant online destination dedicated to enriching lives of mums and mums-to-be across Africa. It empowers African women to make informed choices for the health and well-being of their families through access to locally relevant content and resources.


Accessing locally relevant child and maternal health information is a major problem for African women. The Internet has the power to change this. Over 100 million mothers in Africa are picking up their smartphones to learn about pregnancy and childbirth. However, in Kenya alone, the millions of monthly online searches for ‘pregnancy’ or ‘baby’ result in virtually no articles or video content created locally. Most of what African women are consuming today online is tailored to Western audiences whose healthcare realities, educational systems and everyday challenges differ vastly.

We are seeking a highly motivated and energetic individual with an analytical mindset who lives and breathes digital content and media in all its forms. You’ll be responsible for growing and engaging our multiple community platforms.

As the Social Media Specialist, you’ll join our startup team to redefine the online experience for mums on all our major social media platforms. This is a rare opportunity to join a company at its early stage alongside some of the most influential Tech women  in Africa. We’re focused on attracting exceptionally driven self-starters full of great ideas who are willing to work hard – this reflects who we are and how we work.

What you’ll be doing

Social Media| Nurture & Scale

  • Build and engage online platforms, moderate, respond to feedback/concerns.
  • Come up with new ideas to increase interaction with our community and measure with analytics.
  • Provide ongoing support to users (answer comments, highlight and feature community members).
  • Liaising with and nurturing brand ambassadors to ensure optimal performance.

Website | Grow Engagement

  • Manage and grow the Confessions page to stimulate more interaction with the website and get more user-generated content.
  • Driving engagement (comments, likes) on articles and business listings on the website.

What we look for in every Villager

  • Self-direction and results orientation– full comfort in prioritizing workload, working with limited resources, handling the unexpected, recovering from setbacks and getting things done
  • Timeline driven– time is a valuable resource, which we respect and we move with a sense of urgency. Delivering on time and managing expectations when timelines need to change is a baseline expectation for everyone.
  • Proactive communicator — communicate proactively, confidently and professionally with people within the organization and external partners. We appreciate and foster responsiveness.
  • Flexibility– we are in the nascent stage of development and all team members need to be flexible and amenable to a rapidly changing environment.
  • Genuine interest in mums – and an intuitive understanding of how to delight this market.


What you’ll bring to this role

  • Versatile writing skills – ability to take kernels of content and turn them into shareable e-conversations. You’ll be able to adapt your writing style to meet the variety of communication channels in an intriguing, entertaining, engaging manner.
  • Social media experience – not only do you enjoy expressing yourself on social media but you also have used it to grow a brand and have insights on best practices.
  • Planning oriented – foresight to plan long-term social media strategy along with the agility to quickly develop and implement day-to-day copy and updates
  • Analytical skills – ability to recognize patterns, how to think logically about analyzing community engagement & to derive actionable insights from them


How to apply:

Send your CV using subject line “Social Media Specialist Application” to editorial@mumsvillage.com



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