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We are Hiring! Lead Software Developer

Location: Nairobi, Kenya.



MumsVillage is a vibrant online destination dedicated to enriching lives of mums and mums-to-be across Africa. It empowers African women to make informed choices for the health and well-being of their families through access to locally relevant content and resources. Since launching in 2015, M​ums​Villag​e ​has reached over 300,000 mums ​ through high quality content (including video and engaged WhatsApp communities).



Accessing locally relevant child and maternal health information is a major problem for African women. The Internet has the power to change this. Over 100 million mothers in Africa are picking up their smartphones to learn about pregnancy and childbirth. However, in Kenya alone, the millions of monthly online searches for ‘pregnancy’ or ‘baby’ result in virtually no articles or video content created locally. Most of what African women are consuming today online is tailored to Western audiences whose healthcare realities, educational systems and everyday challenges differ vastly.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Executing a new product launch
  • Managing project schedules and identifying risks in an environment with iterative planning and delivery cycles.
  • Collaborating with peers and partners from across the business to plan roadmap, features, and timelines
  • Communicating clearly and effectively to ensure transparency as you drive forward this new initiative
  • Seeking buy-in and assistance from other engineering teams to build cross-product features and/or infrastructure
  • Breaking down and prioritizing lists of product requirements into smaller, deployable features
  • Performing technical design and code reviews



  • 5+ years of relevant work experience in software development with experience prototyping, shipping and iterating on a new product or complex feature
  • Have the ability to influence, facilitate discussion and work in partnership with other teams. You are persuasive, patient and compassionate
  • Strategic and product-oriented mindset with a deep desire to understand users
  • Are interested in being in a leadership role and have experience managing a small team
  • Are adaptable and versatile, but also understand the business necessity of processes, schedules, estimates, and deadlines. You have excellent prioritization skills.



  • A track record of making complex technology accessible to non-technical audience, from initial conception through to a successful launch
  • Have worked closely with Product Management, UX, or Design teams
  • Experience with human-centered design
  • Excellent communication and group presentation skills
  • Background in both web and mobile development


For further details, please contact hello@mumsvillage.com



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