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Baby Banda
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The Baby Banda Pregnancy & Baby Fair 2022

Where: Sarit Centre Expo Hall, Westlands

When: Every Friday | Saturday | Sunday

For who: Mums,Kids,Dads

How Much: Free Entry

0733 718452

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The Baby Banda Pregnancy & Baby Fair 2022

The annual Baby Banda Pregnancy and Baby Fair gives you the opportunity to meet with lots of people who care for Mummy and her little one. You will not only engage with medical professionals but also meet different people who are passionate about mothers and babies.

The Baby Banda Fair is a unique experience. Over the three (3) days of the fair, we incorporate different learning perspectives by involving professionals from various fields.

These professionals not only include leading medical professionals but also specialists in breastfeeding, first aid, counseling, therapists and more because we understand the importance of holistic care and acknowledge that the journey through pregnancy into parenthood is unique to every woman and their partner.

The event brings together under one roof all leading brands, service providers and players – big and small – within the industry who take care of mums and their little ones.

You can expect the following service providers and more:

  • Baby and children’s clothing and textile
  • Baby magazines and authors of books on mother and child
  • Emergency Aid providers
  • Financial advisers (banks, insurers among others)
  • Maternity wear shops
  • Mum and baby product and accessories
  • Hospitals (with respective Doctors & midwives)
  • Leading brands on mum and baby care, diapers, hair care, shoes and related products
  • Photography specialists
  • Specialists – Doula’s, support networks, lactation experts, nutritionists etc.
  • Toys and entertainment services
  • Other (telecom providers, beverage providers)

Baby Banda

Events & Activities