How Parents Influence Child And Teenage Brain Development

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Parenting Forum – How Parents Influence Child And Teenage Brain Development

Where: Amani Gardens Inn - Church Rd (Westlands)

From: 30 Mar 2019

To: 30 Mar 2019

Time: 12:00 am -12:00 am

For who: Mums,Dads

How Much: 3,000 per person 3,500 per couple


An informative forum for parents. A conversation you don’t want to miss! Have you reserved your space?
If your children fall within age brackets below, we’ve prepared loads of insightful information just for you. Go ahead and like our FB page ‘Parenting Insight’ and access our DAILY BRAIN-FACTS POSTS as we count down to the 30th. Reserve your space via mpesa number 0729809667 and let’s get talking.
1. Infancy (0-1 year)
2. Toddlerhood (1-2 years)
3. Early childhood upto 8 years
4. Mid childhood 9-12years
5. Teenage 13-19years
6. Young adult 20-25 years
Parenting conversations over a hot cup of Tea/Coffee and snack at hand. Learning, interacting, socializing, and having FUN all in one forum.


Amani Gardens Inn - Church Rd (Westlands)
Events & Activities


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