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Mindful Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop

Where: Venue To Be confirmed

From: 06 Mar 2020

To: 07 Mar 2020

Time: 9 am -5 pm

For who: Mums,Dads

How Much: Ksh. 25,000/ US$ 250

+254 718 123 888

Have you ever ‘lost it’ with your child and later filled with guilt and regret? Have you noticed that your child can become easily anxious or give up too quickly? Do you wish holidays and weekends were more peaceful and enjoyable with your children? Do you wish you had a community of other parents you could share and learn from?  You are not alone..

Join Masooma Kachelo for a 2-day interactive parenting workshop and learn:

  • Mindful practices to create awareness around your triggers
  • Use Positive Discipline Tools to be able to respond instead of react
  • Develop a daily meditation practice

Topics include: 

  • How to avoid power struggles and invite co-operation
  • Connection before correction
  • Alternatives to punishment and being permissive
  • Understanding the belief behind the behaviour
  • How to focus on solutions before blame or shame

About The Trainer:

Masooma Kachelo has an MSc in Marriage and Family Therapy from the US and 20 years of experience working as a facilitator and therapist. She is a certified Mindfulness Teacher from the US & Netherlands and a Positive Discipline Parent Facilitator.


Having traveled extensively all over the world, learning and unlearning, Masooma Kachelo is a mother of 3, a practicing therapist since the last 20 years and currently resides and practises in Beijing, China. In our conversation, Masooma takes us through her road of learning, and finally arriving at her current practice of being a family therapist. She strongly believes and upholds the concept of un-labelling children and adults alike, to discover the inner workings of our ourselves and how that determines our relationship with our children and other people we are in close contact with. Masooma shares with us her own parenting experience and tips and arrangements to manage ourselves and the family fabric with awareness and consciousness. Listen to the podcast here>>>

Masooma Kachelo

Events & Activities


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