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Mapping Out The Future – Post High School Teens

Where: The Phoenician Restaurant and Sushi Bar

From: 16 Jan 2020

Time: 9:00 AM

For who: Kids

How Much: Costs: Residential – KES 10,000, Commuting: KES 7,000

0727 143 313/ 0735 428 808

Your teen finally graduated from high school. Whoop! Whoop!

Let’s have a little talk about them…

  • Do they know what God created then to do?
  • Are they aware of their inner resources and how they can harness them to create their desired future?
  • Are they strong and prepared to overcome the challenges that come with ‘adulting’ and freedom?
  • Does your child understand their money blueprint and how it affects their financial destiny in future?
  • Does your child know how they impact the world in their little special ways?

We are here to make this happen. First things first! We want to help your child transition into adult life MONEY LITERATE and with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.


The Phoenician Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Events & Activities


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