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Malaica Pregnancy Support Program
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Malaica Pregnancy Support Program

Where: Online

When: Every Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

For who: Mums

How Much: KES 299 per month

0112 537 468

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Malaica Pregnancy Support Program

Getting pregnant is such a miracle. Pregnancy and childbirth should be joyous! But the pregnancy journey can be long, frustrating, and lonely at times. That’s why we created Malaica.

Malaica Mums will get…

  • a personal nurse midwife
  • a private support group of other mums-to-be
  • a comprehensive pregnancy support program.

The entire program is conveniently run online on WhatsApp.

Are you currently pregnant? We walk every step of the journey from a positive pregnancy test to childbirth with you.

If you are pregnant and have any questions regarding the Malaica Pregnancy Support Program, visit the website for more details here or reach out to us via WhatsApp here.

Events & Activities