Little Einsteins East Africa Holiday Camp

little einsteins

Where: 891 Amboseli Road, Lavington (2.25 km) 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

From: 02 Apr 2018

To: 27 Apr 2018

For who: Kids

How Much:


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SCHOOLS OUT and THE LITTLE EINSTEINS EAST AFRICA Holiday Camp is in!  This April, we have some great STEM Activities lined up for the kids. Sign up today!

In addition, there will be a variety of fun Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) activities aimed at ages 3 to 12 years.  Moreover, the holiday camps are run by experienced, child friendly and fun Explorer Trainers at our Explorers Lab in Lavington!

Reserve a slot in advance as holiday camp is fast filling up! Also, sessions are open to children from 3-12 years (they are grouped into appropriate ages)

Weekly topics of April Holiday Camp are below: ( be sure to e-mail us for the full schedule)

WEEK 1( 2nd – 6th April) – : DIY Physics

We will explore the different concepts of physics required to come up various machines as well as their maintenance.

WEEK 2 (9th – 13th): Meteorology

We shall explore the different aspects of weather and how we can measure them.

WEEK 3 (16th-20th)The three R’s

We will be discussing and discovering how trash can be transformed to something useful in our homes and kids can learn the importance of conserving our environment.

WEEK 4(23rd-27th) – Two programs running concurrently.

a. Coding-We will learn a fun and practical way to develop the essential skills needed to work with code including problem solving and critical thinking.
b. FARMING – We will get to understand the preparation required for a productive garden and the Science behind it. (Pack changing clothes and gumboots)

2 sessions daily: From 9 am- noon and from 2 pm- 5 pm

Furthermore, call +254-729-715622 or email to reserve your Child’s space.

Nurture your Child’s natural curiosity into innovative thinking!


Little Einsteins East Africa, Amboseli Road, Nairobi, Kenya


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