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Tinker STEM Education K-Math Class

Where: Edulink International College 2F Ngong Road – Ndemi Road Junction Nairobi, Kenya

When: Every Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

For who: Kids

How Much: Kshs 13,000 per month (50% Discount for people who register in June!)


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Tinker’s K-Math program is for students to deeply understand the key mathematical concepts and enhance mathematical skills by each key concept, so that they can master mathematical abilities and skills.

In addition, our math curriculum covers all the math contents taught at Kenyan, British, and American school systems. We will teach students rigorously, based on the South Korean teaching style.

Moreover, Tinker teaches math skills according the child’s level, so they can build a solid math foundation and tackle any type of math problem.

How is Tinker’s K-Math different?

  1. We systematically analyze your child’s math skills and find their weak points
  2. We focus on improving their weak points by training them to fully understand math principles. We use our secret South Korean teaching methods
  3.  Students learn new math concepts and can apply them to their daily lives
  4. By solving a lot of diverse problems, students will gain confidence in their skills
  5. By timing them, they will learn how to solve problems faster

What will my child learn?

  1. Key math concepts that cover Kenyan, U.S., and U.K. curriculum
  2. How to solve math problems by fully understanding math principles
  3. How to apply math concepts to real-life examples
  4. Step-by-step problem-solving skills
  5. Speed in solving problems
What happens when my child enrolls?
  1. Student takes level test
  2. Tinker provides customized learning solution
  3. Step-by-step learning by level



  • Tuesdays & Thursdays OR Wednesdays & Fridays(4:00-5:30 pm)
  •  Time is subject to change in accordance with the situation.
  •  For homeschooling students, it’s possible to modify days and time for the group of children.

For registration: CLICK HERE

Register today and nurture the math wizards of tomorrow!

Now enrolling for 3rd and 4th grade students (ages 9-10 years old) Beginning 5th June (Tue), 2018

More information visit the WEBSITE  or call 0715978986




Edulink International College, Nairobi, Ndemi Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Events & Activities


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