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Friendship Camp

Where: Pick up and drop off, Valley Road Arcade: 8:30 M - 4:00 pm

From: 11 Nov 2019

To: 15 Nov 2019

For who: Kids

How Much: Per day rate KES 2,500 Per Child. KES 9,500 Per child The entire week. M-pesa: 0706511784. Snacks provided.


Friendship Camp Itinerary:

Monday 11: A visit to Kitengela  glass factory.

Tuesday 12th: A visit to Stedmak gardens in Karen for a day of fun and fun building activities.

Wednesday 13th: A visit to Dairy and Tea Farm in Limuru to learn the history of tea farming and the process of picking tea and making tea informally explained.

Thursday 14th: Baking in Lavington Arts and Crafts

Friday 15th: A visit to the Travelling Telescope a Planetarium in Riverside to learn about galaxies, stars, planets and constellations.


Valley Road Arcade Nairobi
Events & Activities


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