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Children Finance Literacy Club Holiday Bootcamp

Where: Impala Club Along Ngong Road

From: 07 Nov 2019

To: 06 Dec 2019

Time: 8:30 AM -12: 30 PM

For who: Kids

How Much: KES 3,500


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What are you planning for your children over this long December holiday?

Invest on their financial literacy through our life-changing and interactive financial literacy boot camp. From as young as 5 to 17 years,everyone has their place!

Unless we deliberately and continuously hold conversations around Money with and the basic principles of saving, budgeting, and investment, they may have to find out the on their own, with enough trial and error i.e. hard way.
Besides, we have a responsibility to cultivate Positive money habits and attitudes in our children for a lifetime of financial well being.

Here at Attique Africa we teach from the basics of understanding what is money to the saving culture and life balance. Over the years, We have helped individuals, groups of people and many children imrove their financial blueprints and have a firm foundation around money.



Impala Club, Nairobi, Kenya
Events & Activities


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