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Catapult Program by WomenWork
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Catapult Program by WomenWork Network

Where: Nairobi, Kenya and Accra, Ghana

From: 01 Nov 2022

To: 31 Jan 2023

Time: 8AM -1PM

For who: Mums

How Much: KES 20,000 (total value at over KES 80,000

0712 242392

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Catapult Program by WomenWork Network.

Crush Your Next Product/Service Launch With Experts

Launching a new product or service can be a stressful and confusing time for any business
owner. Catapult Program by WomenWork Network is a new 3-month program that seeks
to provide end-to-end support to women founders in Kenya and Ghana, looking to launch a new
product or service in the next 3-6 months.

For just Ksh. 20,000 (with full value at over KES 80,000, therefore, you’re saving over KES 60,000 to boost your business), Catapult Program will provide the following benefits:

  • 3 one-on-one sessions with experienced start-up coaches who have launched
    products before to handhold you through critical problems, brainstorm new ideas to grow
    your revenue, hold you accountable, and encourage you when things get tough.
  • 6 In-person learning sessions guided by a curriculum curated with the African female
    founders in mind, covering all aspects of product or service launch to leverage what you
    already know while exposing you to new knowledge and industry best practices.
  • A one-year subscription to WomenWork premium membership with exclusive
    perks on a whole new bigger, better platform for verified members!
  • A chance to pitch your new product or service to industry insiders who will give
    direct, real-time feedback and may even partner/invest in your new product or service!
  • Small and effective accountability groups of like-minded peers who are also
    launching products and services at the same time in Ghana and Kenya to bounce ideas off
    of, motivate you, and keep you on track.

Apply for the program through the link: 


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