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Baby Swimming Open class by Baby Swimming Nairobi
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Baby Swimming Open Class with Baby Swimming Nairobi

Where: Lavington

When: Every Sunday

For who: Mums,Kids,Dads

How Much: Kshs 1500 per class

The Baby Swimming Open Class is a weekly swim training for babies from 4 to 18 months.

Class activities are based on:

  • Latest research
  • Socialization,
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Motor skill development
  • Balancing activities using high quality equipment.

The class is highly interactive, with lots of songs and games therefore make your baby’s first swimming experience unforgettable.

Each week will feature a different topic/skill but classes are not progressive thus you can start at any point.

Upcoming topics are: balance for babies, water tummy time, introduction to floating, among others.

The class structure promotes bonding between you and your baby therefore great for dads.

Being  a drop in class kindly reserve your slot as we only take 8 babies per class.

Advance payment is advised to secure a slot.



Lavington Villas, Nairobi, Kenya
Events & Activities


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  1. Hello I would like to make an inquiry in regards to contact information for the baby swimming classes.

  2. mumsv says: – Kindly click on the Facebook icon on the contact information above to reach out to them regarding your inquiry via their Facebook page.