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Afrototo Festival at August 7th Memorial Park

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Afrototo Festival at August 7th Memorial Park

Where: August 7th Memorial Park

From: 17 Jun 2017

To: 17 Jun 2017

Time: 12:00 pm -06:00 pm

For who: Mums,Kids,Dads

How Much:


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Afrototo Festival is a fun family event, organized by Leko Arts Initiative to celebrate the African Child.

June 16th is the International Day Of The African Child and it has been celebrated since 1991 when it was first initiated by the Organisation of African Unity. Coming to inspire the kids at the Afrototo Festival, we have the brilliant….super-talented….wait for it….DR. OFWENEKE !!!!! A true son of Afrika.Sasa, kosa uchekwe!
August 7th Memorial Park

Let’s all come together and celebrate this noble course. Tell a friend to tell a friend about this. Celebrating the African child is one you do not want to miss. Will be held at the August 7 th Memorial park.

By crawling a child learns to stand. ~ African proverb

Afrototo Festival



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