African Goddesses Dance Series Brought to You By Dance With Wangui

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African Godesses Dance Series
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African Goddesses Dance Series Brought to You By Dance With Wangui

Where: Bric a Brac

From: 23 Feb 2019

To: 27 Apr 2019

For who: Mums,Dads

How Much: KES 12,000

African traditions from the West to East and the diaspora revere female deities who embody unique traits. These deities/goddesses/Lwas/Orishas represent various aspects and possibilities of feminine being, and of nature. In this 15 week series we will explore the traits represented by African goddesses and reflect on how we embody these ourselves. Through dance, song, reflective practices and improvisation we will come to know and more fully inhabit our own divine feminine.

Full series cost: 12,000. First session (19th Jan) open as a taster for 1,000. We dance each goddess for 2 Saturdays with the 2nd session building on the 1st. Drop-ins for each goddess welcome for 2,000 (2 sessions), or every other Saturday (19/01, 02/02, 16/02, 02/03, 16/03, 30/03, 13/04 and 27/04) for 1,000.
Series runs for 15 weeks meeting on Saturdays 9.30 – 11 am starting January 19th 2019.


Bric a brac, Langata Road, Nairobi, Kenya
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