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Taa Summer Ceramics classes for Children in Muthaiga

Where: Muthaiga road next to the consulate of Gabon, Nairobi.

From: 21 Jul 2018

To: 29 Sep 2018

For who: Mums,Kids,Dads

How Much: Ksh 2,000 for 2 hours per child and Ksh 1,000 for adults.

+254 700384893


The Taa ceramics classes are for children aged 3-6years old with an exception of private classes for older ages. Moreover, the classes take place on Muthaiga road next to the consulate of Gabon, Nairobi.

Moreover, Taa classes are organized and run by Elizabeth Nenge, a graduate of the  prestigious Central St Martins, school of art and design in London, United Kingdom.

The classes are run under ENN Ceramics, an organization founded by Elizabeth in 2017 to create sustainable ceramic practices, products, jobs and education for communities across Kenya.

Moreover, Taa ceramics classes are designed to exposes students to the world that surrounds them through clay. The classes allow students to produce a variety of beautiful ceramics objects like:

  • pots
  • mugs
  • tea lights
  • jewelry, for use, decoration and enjoyment.

Classes also follow the traditional methods of pottery from sculpting, to hand building, to using a throwing wheel, to a range of decorating and glazing technique. Moreover, teaching is rooted on learning concepts from practicing by working directly with the clay material rather than direct instruction.

Furthermore, studies show the soothing qualities of ceramics and working with clay improve:

  • creativity
  • discipline
  • improve self-esteem and sensory development
  • improves problem solving and motor skills among others.

Based within a private, an secure residential space, the classes take place in a venue perfect for artistic inspiration and creative release.  Extra classes can be scheduled on request.

For bookings and enquires please contact (WhatsApp or e-mail) Elizabeth on +254 700384893 and elizabethnenge@gmail.com.


Muthaiga Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Courses & Workshops


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