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Wynton House Of Music Vocal Training

Wynton House of Music is a premier school that nurtures talent by providing holistic music education to all individuals from ages 3 years and above.


We enrol students both with prior music knowledge as well as beginners in various music instruments i.e. piano, guitar, violin, drums, clarinet, recorder, flute, trumpet, saxophone; And also instructs in music theory, voice and music production.

We teach how to read and write music, music arrangement, playing by ear, music improvisation among others. Our approach of teaching is either on an individual basis or as a group.

If you would like the class to be taught in the comfort of your home, let us know and we will come to you. Share your pin with us once you decide on the class and we will come to you.

Feel free to visit our website via this link or call us on 0715 188 148 or email us on

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