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UPISHI DIGI na Jiko Safi La Kisasa

Providing cleaner and safer cooking alternatives.

0711 082 303

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Upishi Digi


Upishi Digi simply means cleaner cooking the modern way. We will take you through these modern cooking methods and the dangers of smoke from traditional stoves to our households, environment and livelihoods.

We will also show you the benefits in terms of:

Fuel usage – using fuels over longer periods of time.
Emits less smoke and carbon monoxide.
Experiences less heat loss when cooking.
Improved Safety for users.

Our products include: Jikokoa Burn, SuperSaver-Envirofit and Jiko Bora- Ecozoom. In addition we also offer Biogas, Ethanol and LPG.


For more information, visit their  website  call 0711 082 303 or better yet, meet with them in person at our Wrap Party , Dec 3rd at the Alchemist.


Jumuia Place, Lenana Road, Box 22591, Nairobi
Business & Services


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