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Tunza Mama – “A New Dawn for Mothers in Kenya”


Given the shortage of Healthcare workers in Kenya, women have limited access to real-time and ubiquitous health solutions to pressing maternal and childcare needs.

Therefore, Tunza Mama was launched to address this situation,  Moreover, Tunza Mama was launched under The KISSMEE Project by AMREF International University, in collaboration with several partners notably the Danone Ecosystem Fund.

In addition, Tunza Mama provides an opportunity for women to access essential maternal and child health services at their door step ( at the household or workplace) from competent care givers .

Tunza Mama is a health social enterprise intervention geared to increasing universal access to healthcare for women of reproductive age. The services are offered by qualified and licensed Perinatal Educators with backgrounds in registered Midwifery training from reputable institutions in Kenya.

Moreover, Tunza Mama will deploy the Care givers as independent perinatal caregivers to offer modern and innovative, quality care services to mothers and children through the first 1000 days of a baby’s life; from pregnancy, to birth and postnatal care.

Furthermore, the perinatal care givers will have undergone a course offered through the KISSMEE project at the AMREF International University – Nairobi Kenya, designed to equip learners with knowledge and competencies in :

Tunza Mama is designed to help expectant ladies and new mothers find an Ante- natal & Post-Natal Care Giver in their own location on request.

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