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TINC africa
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TINC Africa

The Coolest Stationery Store ? Gadgets ? Games ? Accessories

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A Creative  world of  extraordinary stationery, gadgets, gifts and  accessories.

Tinc is an inspiring place where kids of all ages, whether 4 or 44, can come to feed their imagination and re-discover the joy of making, learning and doing. Kit yourself out with our extraordinary stationery. Stick to your favourite colour, or mix it up a bit and clash your greens with your blues. It’s up to you.

TINC provides high quality and a fun range of stationery, gadgets, gifts and accessories. Whether it’s a back to school season or customization of party bags and gifts, TINC is here for you!!! Tinc Vouchers are also Available.

Check out our latest products and offers on facebook and instagram via @TincAfricaOfficial and @tinc.africa and join the Tinc Community. Sign up to our Loyalty Program and earn a 10% Discount on your first purchase and loyalty program sign up.

We are located at ABC Place Ground Floor, opposite Gilani Butchery and at Yaya Centre, Ground Floor opposite Java

tinc africa

tinc africa





ABC Place, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya
ABC Place, Waiyaki Way (2.83 mi) Westlands, Nairobi Area, Kenya
Business & Services


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  1. Isis Nyongo says:

    I’ve picked up a mix of markers, ice cream shaped sharpener and colored pencils both for adult coloring and kids’ creative time. Kids love the sharpener – so much so I have to stop them from licking this fake ice cream cone 🙂

Get From Our Shop. Use STAY10 During Checkout​

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Get From Our Shop. Use STAY10 During Checkout​