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Thea Natural Beauty

Five years ago when our daughter was born, we were intent on starting her on a natural hair journey. We understood what unsafe and toxic hair ingredients did to the scalp in the long run- so putting her through that wasn’t an option. Now, I’ll have you know at this point that genetically our little girl wasn’t blessed with the best hair- thanks to her dad. When she was grown enough and we were ready to start her on the journey, I set out to look for safe and affordable kids’ hair products in Kenya.


I had looked for the best products in the market so imagine my shock in discovering that the ingredients used were not only unhealthy but also synthetic. So I start looking for products again, this time being ingredient conscious. The safe natural hair products for kids in Kenya I got this time round were pricey. I had had enough. I started making products in our kitchen and got lucky because they worked after several attempts. I decided I wanted to help other parents out there struggling to get all-natural, pocket-friendly and Kenyan hair products for their daughters. We went commercial with the production.


Our brand caters to parents who want to see their daughters with healthy natural hair. Healthy hair makes them feel and look naturally beautiful, this is the purpose of Thea Natural Beauty– to equip our daughters with the confidence to take on the world. We want you to fall in love with caring for your girls’ hair at home. We want it to be fun, we want it to be memorable, and we want it to be a culture in your family- to use organic hair care on your daughters.

3 of our products (shampoo, conditioner, hair -dress) are dedicated to kids between 4 and 13yrs while the thermal cap is for the moms.


Business & Services