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The Open Table Cooking School
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The Open Table Cooking School

Cooking Classes for home cooks, housekeepers, birthday parties, and other events!


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Cooking is An Art, The Plate Is Your Canvas.

Food is a human necessity.  The Open Table Cooking School teaches cooking & baking skills to anyone who wants to learn. You may be a spouse wanting to improve, home cooks, housekeepers, or schoolchildren. No previous experience is required, and we happily tailor the menu to your interests & needs!


Few learn the skill from watching and trying, and even fewer people are born with the skill. But, for all those who would love to learn The Open Table School’s doors are wide open. WE are now in an age different from the one our grand parents lived in . They never needed a cooking school because it was the woman’s job to know how to cook. Now that women are out on the work front too, there is no one left in the kitchen. Which is why we will teach whoever who wants to learn. Cooking is an option, especially with all the fast food places and restaurants that are coming up.


Finally, we offer baking & cooking parties for birthdays, bridal showers, and team-building events. Get in touch via email or phone to see how we can work together! Or you can visit our website. To learn more about us.

Chaka Road--5 minutes' walk from Yaya Centre.
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