The Natural Mums Company - Postpartum Ayurvedic Tea

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The Natural Mums Company – Postpartum Ayurvedic Tea

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Natural Mums Company’s objective is to provide mums and babies with healthy, natural, ayurvedic products that have been used in the Indian culture for generations.

 Postpartum Ayurvedic Tea helps with: breastmilk production, aids with postpartum gas in mums and colic in babies. Helps uterus contract back to original size, helps flush out toxins and helps restore nutrients loss during labour and birth.

 We provide Mums with access to a home-made 100% ayurvedic product that is made in Kenya. We are the first of it’s kind.

User Testimonial

“I started using this tea immediately after my baby was born; it was NOT a choice, a herbal ayurvedic tea that was passed down from generation to generation, which my mum, without even thinking twice, handed it over the day I delivered. It didn’t even occur to me that I should question what the tea was all about, all i knew is it was good for me, relieved gas for the baby and everything was peachy. It was after my second baby that I really started to do a little bit of research on all the natural remedies my mum and grandma used to handover to me; i realized the tea wasn’t only the natural remedy for excess gas in babies (through breastmilk), but it also helped in contracting the uterus back into place by getting rid of a lot of the “gunk” that gets left behind after a baby is born. Ill never forget the large thermos my mum used to fill the tea with every morning and leave by my bedside, reminding me to drink it throughout the day. It enhanced my milk production and made the new mom process just that little bit more soothing knowing i was utilising these pass me down remedies”~Neha Parmar


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