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Nairobi Art Centre
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The Nairobi Art Centre


Nairobi Art Centre is an art school with classes, workshops and courses for Adults and Children. Moreover, we are committed to providing:

  • creative
  • innovative visual art, craft and design education to learners and educators of differing abilities in an inspiring environment.

Furthermore, we embrace change and diversity and enjoy working in collaboration with other institutions. Also, we host parties for children and adults and amazing corporate team-building fun days out.

Our Vision

To be an enriching community art space, nurturing and inspiring confidence to colour the world.

Our Mission

Entice and tease artistic enrichment into lives, listening to and adapting to customer needs, providing workshops for all ages, backgrounds and levels.


Lastly, additional information about our program is published regularly and can be found on our website.

Lavington, Nairobi
Business & Services