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The Breast Advice provides optimal care to mothers, babies and families in Nairobi and all over Kenya. She does this through evidence-based support and compassionate breastfeeding counseling. Lindsay Spainhour Baker who runs The Breast Advice, is a mother of three boys. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in International Health.


Lindsay is aware that each family has a unique set of strengths, needs and goals. Therefore she works with each one individually. Through The Breast Advice, Lindsay is also actively bringing women and families together to support each other. This creates a positive and compassionate atmosphere in the local community. Also, she holds a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Public Health.


She has been working in the capacity of a nurse. After her first son was born in 2010, she began her journey to support and provide non-judgmental and evidence based care for other families in Nairobi. She is a certified childbirth educator as well as a breastfeeding support counselor. This is why multiple doctors refer to her services.


She has helped many mothers sift through the enormous amounts of advice offered before and after their baby arrives and clarify their goals based on evidence. She has also helped mothers through many breastfeeding hurdles and come to the rescue for new moms desperate to breastfeed successfully.


Haven Court Apartments Waiyaki Way, Nairobi
Business & Services


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  1. tamulamu says:

    Lindsay is a super passionate and talented lactation specialist. She’s readily available and helped me expand my understanding of breastfeeding as it didn’t get off to a smooth start. And her class is a great gift for preggie friends.

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