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Tazim Elkington
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Tazim Elkington – Indian Black Butterfly

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Starting With The Man In The Mirror.

Tazim Elkington began helping people shift paradigms by applying lessons she had learnt from her own life. Her understanding of the human spirit is very strong. And, almost psychic instinctual.


First, she works with organizations to help them find their balance and vision. Also, she works with individuals in order to help them understand their power and accept their gifts of life. Finally, she works with communities to help them realize their common ground and build a fulfilled and sustainable future. Creating customized presentations, concepts and suggestions to suit specific needs is among the things she does.


She typically uses a combination of many philosophies in her work. This results in her own unique healing and progressive techniques. These can be applied to any situation. Tazim has a mission to bring about change in society. Her compassion extends from the individual, to groups of people, businesses and KENYA as a whole.


She strongly believes that change is an  essential path in life. Her aim is to be the change through her work, as she puts it “one person at a time”. Being deeply patriotic, she gives of her time to numerous groups, charitable organizations and institutions. Walking towards and creating ‘responsible’change.

Always remember ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’  – Mahatma Gandhi.

You can call us on  0714434574. Or, you can follow us on Facebook and find out more.

Riara Road, Nairobi
Business & Services