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Tazim Elkington- Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy

Integrated Clinical Hypontherapy

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Do you need new strategies to target some changes and bolster your company’s success? Would you like to experience the tangible results of a revitalized workforce? My non traditional, highly effective methods help you close that gap between where your company stands now and where it strives to be tomorrow.

Today’s increasingly competitive business world demands industry leaders to find innovative strategies to maximize their output and ultimately boost profit margins.

However, thriving organizations face a  common task which is, keeping their workforce inspired, engaged and motivated thus where my services come in. Managers should aim at starting from the top  by equipping management with results-driven methods to set new standards of excellence for everyone.

Confidential sessions consist of   various techniques depending on individual challenges. Moreover, these unconventional methods require people to really ‘see’ as well as ‘hear’ themselves, to supersede beliefs, perceptions, habits and attitudes that create disharmony. My effective methodology is dependent on self-reliance and one’s capacity to respond.

In addition, as a certified hypnotherapist, I work as a catalyst to contribute to my clients becoming more of who they are so they attain self-understanding for an improved and healthier quality of life.

Additionally, my unique suite of training services comes in with solutions, helping organizations transform their work culture to attain optimum levels of success across the board. With  tailored, cross-industry service I bring to the table decades of expertise in people skills and international business, gained from years working in the tourism, hospitality, airline and real estate sectors.

Moreover,the deep, meaningful process towards self-integration works in the now, to shift mindsets that do not serve the present. Hypnosis takes us to the subconscious mind where we need to Qure and surpass the unwanted grip of the past.

In order to help erode old mind patterns and create healthy new ones, some homework is required between sessions to ensure shifts are applied. There will be some work required between sessions by you as well as feedback after each session.

The sessions will be 2 hours each and the number of sessions will depend on how committed you are to the path to self-healing. At least 15-25 sessions would be the initial requirement – 30-50 hours of your life for transformation. 1 or 2 sessions a week would give best results.

My focus is to facilitate deep healing within a person and the sooner the better. After we have addressed the main core issue/s, it is recommended to carry on with maintenance sessions once every 2-3 weeks for a few months as things settle. 
There is no quick fix or band aid solution for issues that require in-depth healing. This is a life long investment.
I also offer 3-5 days intensive programs instead of stretching it out over 2-3 months and works quickly and deeply as an option.

Attached are letters of reference from a diverse range of companies who have used my service and and still do.


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