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Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is very important for people in today’s work environment. It doesn’t just help those that want to start a business, but it helps anyone excel in their career and their personal life. Swivel Box provides entrepreneurship education for young people. This gives them more career opportunities.


At swivelBOX, we adopt various disciplines. They range from design-thinking to behavioural economics, to produce workshops and support services. These empower our clients to actively increase their business potential. Whether it’s a start-up business, a large organisation, or a group of schoolchildren, we draw from our toolbox of resources to tailor-make engaging workshops that meet the individual needs of those involved. Our areas of focus are innovation, entrepreneurship and engagement and our workshops. Workshops can last for any amount of time that is necessary, from one hour to over a week.

The swivelBOX approach is creative, fresh and energetic. Our workshops are interactive, involving group discussions and exercises. Also, we encourage idea generation from all participants. It is this mixture of training, facilitation and motivation that creates an environment that gives great results. We believe in the power of human-centric support, and aim to change the way people work by changing the way they think.

To find out more, you can call us on 0718 821949 or follow us on Facebook and out website.

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Business & Services