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In the recent past during the last term, we piloted a small Nanny & Me Playgroup to understand if there was a need for a comprehensive playgroup that engaged not only little ones, but nannies too.  Using our Strong Start approach, we developed a curriculum that enabled nannies to learn the play activities in order to continue the learning at home.

Given the success of our pilot playgroup, we are excited to announce that our Nanny & Me Playgroups have expanded! Starting next week, we are offering Nanny & Me Playgroups in Lavington & Westlands, for a morning of sensory play activities focusing on Science & Nature, Art & Messy Play and Music & Movement.  All play activities are thoughtfully prepared to stimulate different areas of your child’s development.

Additionally, nannies will receive training and handouts on how to recreate a highlighted activity from each playgroup.

Strong Start is a home for creating and stimulating a healthy environment for your child.We enable your nanny know all of the fundamental requirements of care-giving,hygiene,first aid,CPR and understanding child development.

Strong start’s foundation class equips nannies with tools,information and skills in these core areas and more.

It is a five week entry level training that meets every Saturday and offers nannies practical hands on training in care giving.


Limited spots are available, so register your nanny today!


And don’t forget to take a look at our other trainings. Full details can be found below.

Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya
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