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Sprouts Kids Salon & Barbershop

Sprouts Kids Salon

Kids Hair Dot Com

Handling a child’s hair can be challenging. Their scalps are so delicate and small. sometimes the loud noises made by the blow dryer or shaver can be so loud. But you just can’t leave their hair unkempt. Instead, you can bring them to a place where we know how to handle their hare with care. Sprouts Kid Hair salon is located in Valley Arcade Shopping Center. We are gentle to the touch and keep them distracted.


Not only that but they will look so good, they will keep coming back for more. Sprouts specializes in children’s grooming, catering for both boys and girls, as well as adults.We can do it all:


Are all available in a perfect environment that is friendly for the children and comfortable for the adults. Come and see you will never want to leave.

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