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Southfield Mall PlayZone

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Southfield Mall’s PlayZone is now open! From 10:30am to 7:30pm daily.   They have a fixed daily charge of 500 Kshs. A loyalty card (350 Kshs) if someone wants to collect points and earn 1 free day of play.

Southfield Mall, often known as the pride of Embakasi by our customers. We are at the centre of the industrial and residential hub and benefit from different people visiting us every day, from the businesses operating around us, to the families who live in the area and the occasional tourists from JKIA and beyond.  Discover the difference with us and our multifunctional mall. We offer a variety of shops, restaurants, ample parking spaces, healthcare facilities, a children’s play area and a convention centre to hold various parties and events. Follow us on social media for regular updates, offers and new products!


Southfield Mall, Nairobi, Kenya
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Get From Our Shop. Use STAY10 During Checkout​