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Somababy Nursing Bras
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Somababy 3Pack Nursing Bra

Every parent knows that there is nothing more joyous than the birth of a new child.  As mums we want to provide the best for our child, including good quality products that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing, but we also know that these costs start to add up. 


In July 2020, Bliss Group was formed from a merger between  BabyBliss Nigeria and MumsVillage to create a Pan-African omnichannel commerce, community and content offering focused on mother and child care. We shared a vision to give diverse choice and convenience to African women along their motherhood journey and this has been achieved through our new brand, Somababy. 


 In interacting with hundreds of first time mums over the years, we have understood the need for high quality products that are easy on the wallet. This is the inspiration behind Somababy, a desire to create products that are uniquely designed to be of high quality, useful and pocket friendly.


Introducing Somababy Nursing Bras


The list of items needed to keep a baby comfortable and healthy seems to be very specific and never-ending. Turns out that the process of feeding them is no exception, especially if you are a mum who is exclusively breastfeeding.  As your body changes you need nursing bras that are going to give your newborn constant access to its prime source of nutrition, feature clip-down cups  that can help to keep pump parts in place, supportive enough to wear during the day, and comfy enough to keep on for late-night pumping sessions.


If this is you, and you’re in search of a nursing bra like the one we’re describing, you can hit pause, and explore our Somababy Maternity bras (The three-pack is available in a range of colors and in sizes Medium to XL) at the MumsvillageShop. 


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