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Power Backup Installation (Inverter and Generator) Installation and Maintenance


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Has your shower head blown for the third time? Do you have sockets that you have just never gotten around to fixing? Do you need a generator? Or do you just want to switch to solar so that the hot sun can do some good? At Shali Electricals, we install and maintain your electrical power supply.


These include Generators as well as Solar panels. We provide these services for both your home and business addresses. At Shali Electricals, all our technicians are licensed and certified by the Kenya Energy and Regulatory Commission (KERC). Also, we have referrals from several very satisfied customers. These  including International Diplomats living in Nairobi and many businesses. Our good work has helped us maintain and grow our relationship with our customers.


In an electricity based society,  you need to have a reliable electrician on speed dial. Our work comes with a maintenance and performance guarantee. Let us help you get and stay enlightened. Keeping you connected with the rest of the world. It all starts in the socket before its on your screen.  To find us you can call us on the number provided. 

Growing Kenya one light bulb at a time.

Number 220 Kitengela Road, Nairobi
Business & Services