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Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first. Matthew Jacobson
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KUKUA- Empower children to learn through technology.

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Kukua is a startup company leveraging new media and technology to empower children to learn through a magical experience. Our mission is to help millions of children acquire basic literacy and numeracy skills and begin a magical, lifelong, learning journey. SEMA, a young African superheroine helps children learn to read, write and do basic math through SEMA apps.

More than eight thousand  parents have so far downloaded the Sema Run app to help their children learn the alphabet in a fun, easy and captivating way. Based on our analysis and data, children using Sema spend upto 30 mins having fun and learning on the app, giving mums half an hour to complete a task they left pending! 65% of children using Sema Run come back to the app 3+ times in a week and 72% of parents who download the app still have it on their devices after a month.

Quote from Sema User:

“I love Sema so much, now I spend more time using my mum’s phone learning and having fun! Thank you mum!” – Shady

Links to app/ Youtube Videos:

Sema Run Android Version

Sema Run iOS version

Sema Youtube Channel



General Mathenge Drive, Nairobi, Kenya
786/189 General Mathenge Drive, Westlands Nairobi
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  1. Island ink says:

    Great so far! Looking forward to more modules or additional dimension as my 5 year old has passed the levels so now it more entertaining than educating.