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Sebastian Restaurant

Dining In The Wild.

Sebastian Restaurant is located in the KWS Nairobi National Park. This means that you are automatically surrounded by an environment that allows you to relax and breath fresh air. Due to the nature. It is named Sebastian Restaurant because of the famous ape “ The Sebastian”  in the national park. 


First, Sebastian restaurant has grounds for every event such as:

at the park with meals and drinks and any other organized function for up to 3000 people. Our food is sophisticated, while at the same time is has that homey and traditional taste to it.


In addition to the above, Sebastian Restaurant offers conference facilities. You will find that, The conference rooms are located in the safari walk where you are amid animals as you take your tea/ lunch breaks. As a result, this offers a bushy and calm atmosphere where you need high concentration in a relaxed atmosphere. For more adventurous teams,  Sebastian Restaurant offers team-building venues inside the national park. These come with night wild parties with organized security from KWS, due to the presence of wild animals.


We offer office lunches that can be cost and forwarded to you as per your specifications. We cater from simple menus to buffet and ceremonial dinners and lunches. Above all, we are family friendly. Therefore you can bring your kids out, because they will not only to see the wildlife but find a for a great meal too. Come! We invite you to join us on Langata Road in Narobi, Kenya.



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