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Nairobi Nibbles
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Savannah Brands Limited – Nairobi Nibbles

Delicious coconut crisps and Mango bites snacks range


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Nairobi Nibbles is a delicious coconut crisps and Mango bites range.  We want to bring vibrancy and fun to healthy snacking. Moreover, they come in

  • Chili
  • Sweet
  • Salty and Mango flavours.

Moreover, all are 100% real fruit and dried not fried thus a perfectly  healthy nibble for you or your kids any time of day.

Also, Nairobi Nibbles treats are stocked at:
  • Healthy
  • Zucchini
  • Carrefour (Two Rivers and The Hub)
  • On the Way
  • Jumia
For additional information, check out the Facebook and Instagram pages

Company: Savannah Brands Limited. We are developing a range of quality food and beverage products including snacks, ciders and juices.

Contact to find out more.

Furthermore, visit Nairobi Nibbles Website for further information

Nairobi Nibbles

Nairobi Nibbles

Nairobi Nibbles

Nairobi Nibbles




Tilisi, Kenya
Tilisi, Limuru
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